The Interview: Jamie Wolf of Jamie Wolf Jewelry


 Jamie, what was your inspiration to start Jamie Wolf Jewelry?

Jamie Wolf Jewelry began when my love of design and fashion led me to leave the New York City Ballet to focus on what had been, until then, a hobby. The ten years I spent as a dancer have influenced the aesthetic of my designs - I believe that femininity is timeless, and that beauty is found in the finest details.

What is the creative process like for you?

My aim as a designer is to translate this femininity and detail into pieces that are chic and relevant. Each season the collection evolves with this intent, working with what is classically beautiful and articulating it with a sophisticated edge. The result is a balance between luxury and utility - a collection that is stunning, and entirely wearable.

Who have you learned the most from in your career thus far? Do you have mentors?

I’ve learned the most from my clients. What compels them to shop - impulse, instinct, occasion... All those initial feelings inform my design process and tend to speak to different pieces in the collection. 

What is next for Jamie Wolf?

I love what I do and hope to just keep doing it! 

What is the biggest lesson you've learned as a business owner?

To work hard and be grateful. Everyone has a choice who they shop with and where they shop so service and kindness are both really important.

We couldn't agree more! 

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