The Interview: Felice Langkamp of MyCashmere


Hi Felice! I would love to hear your inspiration to start MyCashmere.

"The idea of MYCASHMERE came to fruition during the global lockdowns where we spent most of our time at home – for me, more than ever the emphasis on comfort came into play. Throughout the lockdown I felt the need for timeless pieces that would make me look as good as I felt while wearing them. Very quickly it became obvious to me that cashmere was the ultimate fabric that created this effortlessly elegant effect, and so I became immersed in the amazing world of cashmere, self-teaching on where it comes from, how its sourced and knitted and its unique properties."

What was your first priority when creating the brand, and your company?

"Creating timeless and everyday designs that would become favorite wardrobe staples was at the forefront of what I wanted to make. In tandem with this, I wanted to ensure I was producing ethically, sustainably and with the highest quality craftsmanship.

I have a luxury jewelry background (and also being German ) so I knew that quality and craftsmanship were of upmost importance to me in any product I was going to create. The heart of cashmere production takes place in Italy – a country I have always loved, and I became infatuated with the amazing craftsmanship and heritage artisanal skill the country, and cashmere manufacturers had. Finding somewhere that could produce in a way that aligned with my values of quality and timelessness felt like the perfect fit."

SHOP THE STORY: Clockwise from top left: The Amira Top, Amaya Trouser, and Nina Cardigan in Sand, The Stella Sweater in White, The Bianca Dress in Black, The Olivia Bralette Top in Sage.
How did your experience working in the luxury industry, specifically with high jewelry, shape you into the designer and business owner you are today?

"I would say that my high jewelry background although a different sector and very different product created my appreciation of craftsmanship, and the way people fall in love with the story of how a product is created. I kept this focus at the core of MYCASHMERE and it is the reason I chose Italy (specifically Umbria’s cashmere valley) as the place to create our pieces. The artisanal knowledge and know-how of knitting here has been passed down through generations and is a true form of art, and wherever I can I story-tell and celebrate this through MYCASHMERE." 

What is the creative process like for you?

"I’ve always been very creative by nature, so the creative process is definitely the most thrilling and fulfilling part for me, especially the brand development process. I love the idea of finessing the identity and personality of a brand, understanding how you want the brand to talk, what it should feel like, what it should represent, how it behaves and what will make people remember it. Its like defining a personality of a living and breathing organism. Especially when creating a new brand, the possibilities are endless. My brand allows me to creatively communicate in a completely unique way."

The Bianca Dress in Sand

Who have you learned the most from in your career thus far? Do you have mentors?

"I have incredible mentors all around me. I would say that has been one of the most humbling parts of this is experience - the overwhelming amount of support from other entrepreneurs who are also building their brands is amazing. It’s incredible to connect with them and share experiences, connect each other to new networks and brainstorm new projects together." 

What is next for MyCashmere?

"We have many exciting projects and moments planned for 2023 including numerous trunk shows in major European and global cities like London, Hamburg, Munich, NYC and Milan where we will continue to introduce the brand to new markets and press. I am also excited for our spring summer capsule collection which will include designs made out of ultra-light cashmere and silk the softest fabric we have worked with so far. It is incredibly breathable so you can have the same timeless, high quality experience as winter cashmere, but in summer designs which you can wear year after year."

The Stella Sweater and Como Pants in White


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a business owner?

"I would say working efficiently and smartly. Sometimes done is better than perfect."

What motivates you with your brand?

"Seeing people build their MYCASHMERE wardrobe. It’s incredible to see people come back time and time again to get the same designs in new colors, or build entire looks out of MYCASHMERE designs. Its so surreal to have people buy my designs and understand the intention, craftmanship and effort that goes into each and every piece."