Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

Style Guide: Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

From nineties super models to present-day pop stars, the slip dress has become synonymous with effortless superstar style. But, our stylists hear the same questions again and again – how can I pull off a slip dress? A believer that no dress is off limits with the right styling (and shapewear!) our Founder & CEO Catherine Smith shares her top styling tips to wear a slip dress with confidence and ease.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens


1. Layer with Suiting

 “My favorite way to style a slip dress is by pairing it with a crisp blazer or smoking jacket. I always prefer to  be a bit covered up, and the addition of a jacket is an easy way to make sure you always feel appropriate. We call this slip dress by Atea Oceanie a straight-shot to supermodel style, because the garment’s silhouette is cut in such a flattering way for women of many sizes. It draws the eye up to your neckline and this bright color is a great way to bring serious style to an evening without involving too much styling. The color combined with the sophisticated shape speaks volumes!”


Dress: V-Neck Slip Dress by Atea Oceanie, $525 | Blazer: Rad Blazer by Stephanie Rad, $850

 2. Break out the Leather Jacket to go Full 90s Supermodel in your Slip Dress

“There’s nothing quite like the cool-factor that a leather jacket imparts on any outfit. But the pairing of leather and slip dress is even more of a home-run due to the genesis of the slip dress trend in the nineties when leather and rock took on a new stylistic identity associated with glamour. I have had this leather jacket by The Row for years and it is continually my favorite piece to ramp up my personal style. I went for tone-on-tone with this all black look. This is perfect for any evening party, whether you’re dancing downtown or sipping champagne uptown.”


Dress: Liquid Silk Slip Dress in Black by Voz, $495

3. Wear it At Home

“Another way I love to wear a slip dress is when I am relaxing at home. I’ve always loved classic film, so it’s a pretty fab way to channel Vivien Leigh and Lauren Bacall when I’m relaxing.”

Dress: Liquid Silk Slip Dress in Silver by Voz, $495

4. Sort out your Shapewear 

“No one should feel like they have to try to wear a slip dress au naturel. Time to call in some reinforcements! Team Plan de Ville loves Spanx, and so do all of the stylists that we work with. I stand behind their slips, panties, and definitely their bras!”

Dress: Liquid Silk Slip Dress in Ivory by Voz, $495

Recommended Shapewear: Haute Contour Nouveau Slip by Spanx, $168 | Haute Contour High Waisted Thong, $98


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