Haus Alkire

Lido Dress



The Lido Dress by New York City-based Haus Alkire is the perfect day-to-night dress for autumn. Complete with darting at the sleeves, this dress stands slightly away from the body, creating a beautiful shape. Pair it with the Dupont Car Coat for the full look.

  • Wool, Cotton and Needle Punched Silk
  • Gunmetal zipper detail on back
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in New York City


Haus Alkire

Haus Alkire designs with storytelling in mind. The pieces combine their shared love of fashion and fine art; Julie Alkire brings over a decade of garment industry design, development, and construction knowledge to the label, while Jason Alkire supplies two decades of experience in the arts and advertising. Haus Alkire’s garments feature highly cultivated and discreet construction, giving each garment a unique character, and reflecting an appreciation for sartorial details that play on our relationship with dress and identity. Haus Alkire won The Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for womenswear in 2015.

You don’t know them yet, but:

  • Haus Alkire’s quality rivals haute couture. Their attention to detail with private clients has resulted in truly superb ready-to-wear.
  • The brand is currently a part of the 2016-2018 CFDA Fashion Incubator.

To Discover Haus Alkire, read Plan de Ville’s exclusive one-on-one with the designers.

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