NYFW | SS16: Giulietta Runway

Plan de Ville’s Editorial Contributor ARIA DARCELLA talks inspiration, process, and materials with SOFIA SIZZI of GIULIETTA. 

One cannot speak to Sofia Sizzi’s new collection for Giulietta without referencing the inspiration, because the references came together so seamlessly. Words like “futuristic” and “athleticism” were cited by the designer, along with nods to tennis uniforms. The ideas for a sportier collection (a departure from her classic 60s Italian film femme) came from Sizzi's own very active year.


While her inspirations evoke ideas of strength, the garments were composed on delicate building blocks. “Some of the constructions of pieces in this collection are very intricate,” she explained after the show, pointing to the intricate latticework that held together chiffon pieces embroidered with cabochon embellishments. “They were almost like building couture dresses.”

Despite the nod to a sporting life (shorter hems, new pleats, and very graphic colors), fans will find familiar elements to the collection. “I think what kept it very feminine was our silhouettes,” she said. “They’re always sort of close to the body, so I think that that kept it very Giulietta.” And, the designer stayed true to her favorite decade – the 1960’s. The Futurism Sizzi drew upon was more in the vein of iconic designer Courréges, while circular shapes and color blocking felt reminiscent of a Frank Stella painting. “It’s my decade! I don’t think I’ll ever move away from it. I mean, you never know…but I’m nostalgic. I look at other eras and decades, and I like them much less.”

Inspiration-wise, it’s a good decade to choose. Filled with events, movements, and global changes, Sizzi can put a new spin on the 60’s for a long time. In the meantime, with her team popping champagne around her, she can celebrate another New York Fashion Week runway show under her belt.

Aria Darcella