NYFW | FW16 Giulietta Runway

Runway Revolution

At the Giulietta FW16 show, Sofia Sizzi turns up the volume with rock ‘n roll vibes.
By Aria Darrell

Guests were packed into the stands at Pier 59 for the Giulietta Fall ‘16 runway show—no easy feat, considering all of the extra bulk attendees were carrying in winter wear. It just goes to show, Sofia Sizzi is certainly one to draw a crowd.

Although her inspirations are eclectic—America in the ‘60s, Paris in the ‘80s, the work of photographer Diane Arbus, and the 1988 film Frantic—the theme of this collection was clear: Heartbreak. It was a bold statement for Valentine’s Day weekend, at a time when we tend to romanticize love more than its messy aftermath. 

Streaks of mascara ran down the models faces, while the color palate of black and silver was broken up by pops of candy-apple red,. Fans of the brand might be surprised at the more aggressive silhouettes this season. While still feminine, Sizzi has incorporated more of a rocker vibe to her repertoire, pairing her usual nipped-in waistlines with cigarette-leg pants, and more voluminous tops.


Giulietta has always been a sophisticated brand, providing customers with looks that are timeless and versatile, but she’s turned up the  “wow” factor in a big way. While most of the collection continues in this vein—using small details such as embellishments and graffiti-like patterns to great effect—the stakes have been raised with showstopper evening looks such as a sparkling jumpsuit, or an eye-catching red dress.

The show’s notes declare this the “revolutionized Giulietta woman”, and in the afterglow, one is certainly left with a sense that this is a designer who is ready to bask in her own glory.