Engaged girls – celebrate your year of parties with bridal fashion from Plan de Ville. From your engagement party to your bachelorette to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding after-party, Plan de Ville curates a beautiful selection of classic and alternative bridal dresses for the modern bride. Shop bridal now on Plan de Ville.  

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  • Quick ShopEloise Dress by JULIANNA BASS

    Eloise Dress

  • Quick ShopJasmine Top Ivory by JULIANNA BASS

    Jasmine Top – Ivory

  • Quick ShopDuel Pleat Skirt by KALLMEYER

    Duel Pleat Skirt

  • Quick Shop

    Gaia Dress – PDV Exclusive

  • Quick ShopLainey Black Sandal by MARION PARKE

    Lainey Black Sandal

  • Quick Shop

    Leon Clear Crushed Ice Top Handle Clutch

  • Quick Shop Sale!

    Colorado Top

    $795.00 $495.00
  • Quick ShopWhite Mock Halter Dress by SID NEIGUM

    White Mock Halter Dress

  • Quick ShopWhite Knotted One Shoulder Dress by SID NEIGUM

    White Knotted One-Shoulder Dress

  • Quick ShopIvory Liquid Silk Slip by VOZ

    Ivory Liquid Silk Slip

  • Quick ShopSilver Liquid Silk Slip by VOZ

    Silver Liquid Silk Slip

  • Quick ShopTeresa Ivory Shift Dress by ATEA OCEANIE

    Teresa Ivory Shift Dress

  • Quick ShopWhite Shoulder Cut-Out Gown by SID NEIGUM

    White Shoulder Cut-Out Gown

  • Quick ShopTailored Ivory Slip by KALLMEYER

    Tailored Ivory Slitted Slip Dress

  • Quick ShopBianca Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Bianca Clutch

  • Quick Shop

    Ivory Halter Tank

  • Quick ShopIvory Classic Trouser by BRANDON MAXWELL

    Ivory Classic Trouser

  • Quick ShopCeladon Sombra Dress by TOSIA

    Sombra Dress

  • Quick ShopLane Smoke Suede Chiffon Sandal by MARION PARKE

    Smoke Lane Sandal

  • Quick ShopLisa Desert Raffia Sandal by MARION PARKE

    Lisa Desert Sandal

  • Quick ShopLane Blush Suede Chiffon Sandal by MARION PARKE

    Blush Lane Sandal

  • Quick Shop

    Bow Shoulder White Sky Dress

  • Quick Shop

    The Landscape Dress

  • Quick ShopWhite Rad Blazer by STEPHANIE RAD

    White Rad Blazer

  • Quick ShopIvory Crewneck Jumpsuit by STEPHANIE RADIvory Crewneck Jumpsuit by STEPHANIE RAD

    Crewneck White Jumpsuit

  • Quick ShopOlivia Pleated Skirt by REJINA PYO

    Olivia Pleated Skirt

  • Quick ShopFine Pleated Long Sleeve White Blouse by GEORGIA ALICE

    Fine Pleated White Blouse

  • Quick Shop

    Printed Silk Dress

  • Quick ShopTailor Bow Midi Dress by KATIE ERMILIO

    Tailor Bow Midi Dress

  • Quick ShopBow Train Column Dress by KATIE ERMILIO

    Bow Train Column Dress

  • Quick Shop Sale! Narcissus Sandal by CHLOE GOSSELIN

    Narcissus Sandal – 90mm

    $855.00 $595.00
  • Quick Shop

    Kitty Top

  • Quick Shop

    Sylvan Dress

  • Quick Shop

    Herse Top

  • Quick Shop

    Denim Shift Dress

  • Quick Shop

    Riad Dress

  • Quick Shop

    Anouck Dress

  • Quick Shop

    Sierra Club Shirt

  • Quick Shop

    Elize Top

  • Quick Shop

    Kiki Cami

  • Quick Shop

    Denim Dress

  • Quick Shop

    Dune Skirt

  • Quick Shop

    White Cotton Crop Top

  • Quick Shop

    Ceres Skirt

  • Quick Shop

    Vitra Dress

  • Quick Shop Sale!

    Cloud Lace Open-Back Dress

    $1,850.00 $1,395.00
  • Quick ShopShearling Souk Sandal by BROTHER VELLIES

    Shearling Souk Sandal

  • Quick Shop

    Lineas Clutch