From clutches and evening bags to the perfect tote, Plan de Ville curates a selection of chic handbags by emerging designers like L’Afshar, Brother Vellies, Dee Ocleppo and Sofia Fima. Shop bags now on Plan de Ville.

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  • Sale!

    The Marché Tote in Océan Royal Blue

    $395.00 $328.00
  • Sale!

    The Marché Tote in Cognac

    $395.00 $328.00
  • Raisin Tote in Bleu by ELLEME

    Raisin Bag – Bleu de Provence

  • Raisin Tote in Cognac by ELLEME

    Raisin Bag – Cognac

  • Vosges Tote – Taupe

  • Raisin Tote in Taupe by ELLEME

    Raisin Bag – Taupe

  • Vosges Tote in Cognac by ELLEME

    Vosges Tote – Cognac

  • Black Resty Tote by VASIC

    Leather Executive Resty Tote – Black

  • Grace Aqua Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Grace Aqua Clutch

  • Sale!

    Leon Clear Crushed Ice Top Handle Clutch

    $815.00 $688.00
  • Bianca Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Bianca Clutch

  • Capri Braided Carry-All Tote by KALLMEYER

    Capri Navy Braided Carry-All Tote

  • Sale! Jane Camel Bucket Bag by VASIC

    Camel Jane Bucket Bag

    $395.00 $268.00
  • Sale! Jane Gromment Bucket Bag by VASIC

    Grommet Jane Bucket Bag

    $415.00 $268.00
  • Sale! Agatha Emerald Marble Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Emerald Agatha Marble Clutch

    $1,250.00 $728.00
  • Black Clear Amnis Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Black Amnis Clutch

  • Sale! Pink Marble Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Pink Marble Clutch

    $850.00 $648.00
  • Sand Palma Bag by BROTHER VELLIES

    Palma Sand Bag

  • Mini Elfie Bag by VASIC

    Grey Mini Elfie Bag

  • Medium Sia Tote by MAIYET

    Sia Medium Shopper Tote

  • Gold Stack Clutch by LEE SAVAGE

    Gold Stack Clutch

  • Pinned Carry-All by KALLMEYER

    Pinned Carry-All Tote

  • Dual Pinned Shoulder Bag by KALLMEYER

    Pinned Shoulder Bag

  • Sale!

    Palma Brown Bag

    $685.00 $345.00
  • Lineas Clutch

  • Classic White Marble Medium Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    White Marble Clutch

  • Grey Marble Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Grey Marble Clutch

  • Large Black Marble Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Large Black Marble Clutch

  • Black Marble Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Black Marble Clutch

  • Mirrored Crushed Ice Clutch by L'AFSHAR

    Mirrored Crushed Ice Clutch