Izaak Azanei

The Sweater with Fur Cuffs


Izaak Azanei is defined by sophisticated yet innovative styles that feature the highest quality fur accents. The brand's best selling sweater features fox fur cuffs in natural white. The full, fluffy shape adds an unmistakable statement touch to the soft cashmere and merino wool-blend knit.

  • Available in Black with White Fox Cuffs
  • Cashmere and Merino Wool blend knit
  • Izaak Azanei uses only Saga Furs, the global pioneer in responsible fur farming, sourcing fur from strictly regulated European farms. Saga Furs focuses on quality, traceability and sustainability.

Size Guide: A Small/Medium fits a US 4-6 and a Medium/Large fits a US 8-12

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