Marion Parke

Marion Parke designs shoes with discrete comfort. We like to say that you can wear heels all night if you’re wearing the right heels. Marion Parke’s footwear collection is distinguished by its ability to seamlessly pair her patent pending insole with luxurious craftsmanship and modern style.

Working alongside Italian master cobblers, Marion Parke creates original constructions that acknowledge the structure and function of the foot and ankle. Every style incorporates her unique insole, which is sculpted to follow the natural contour and curvature of the bottom of the foot. With an arch support, added material to support the back of the foot and the ankle, providing unparalleled support backed by medical science, all merged with chic design.

You don’t know her yet, but:

  • WhoWhatWear referred to the brand as “magical – the shoes aren’t just comfortable – they’re seriously stylish, too.”
  • Harper’s Bazaar said, “Marion Parke used to be a podiatric surgeon, so it’s no surprise that the designer’s collection of shoes are a dream to walk in.
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