Alix NYC

Alexandra Alvarez successfully created the ultimate luxury bodysuit. Her “focus on understated edginess and sportif sensibility” has brought to life a collection of wardrobe essentials for contemporary women. Pair an Alix bodysuit with just about anything – worn with a high waisted skirt, pant, or on its own, these versatile pieces of attainable luxury are just the piece to upgrade your style.

You don’t know her yet, but:

  • Alix NYC is currently a part of the 2016 – 2018 CFDA Incubator Program
  • As Seen On: Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and Emma Watson
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  • Ivory Haven Lace Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Ivory Haven Lace Bodysuit

  • Jade Velvet Carlisle Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Jade Velvet Carlisle Bodysuit

  • Baxter Off-The-Shoulder Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Baxter Off-The-Shoulder Bodysuit

  • Slate Lenox Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Slate Lenox Bodysuit

  • Haven Lace Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Haven Lace Bodysuit

  • Eleni Black Halter Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Eleni Black Halter Bodysuit

  • Eleni White Halter Bodysuit by ALIX NYC

    Eleni White Halter Bodysuit

  • Wooster Bodysuit

  • Lenox Bodysuit

  • Essex Bodysuit

  • Thompson Bodysuit

  • Lenox Bodysuit

  • Ella Bodysuit